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MAN-E-NEWS// The “Gourdon” treasure box keshi from Hateball…


“The treasure box is alive and well. Gourdon is alive and well… The *real* story of this little fellow is fairly nebulous: he could actually be the brains behind Mr. Zinewolf after all. Or he could be a cute little buddy. Or both. Regardless of all that, this miniature Halloween-fiend has everything it should take to make you smile and ask him questions about your life and what you should do…just like you presumably already do with Therefore Ghost. These are scions I’m sending you for life-guidance… You may recognize Gourdon’s hat, sure, but you may also be interested to know that you’ve seen his legs before too. This toy is a 100% bootleg-mashup of Zinewolf parts, a glowstick topper from All Hallows-past, and the legs of a costumed young boy who just cannot catch a break.”

Hateball is proud to present the latest figure in his mysterious series of “treasure box” style toys, the crowned pumpkin, Gourdon! As mentioned above, the 3.5″ tall figure has been kit-bashed from a variety of miscellaneous figures including Hateball’s own Zinewolf, working as both a companion and a fully-working “crown” accessory to the highly popular sofubi (see below!). Prototyped and produced by our very own Tru:Tek over at the Disart ToyLabs, Gourdon has been cast up in a rather apt bright orange rubber for his first release. Available in strictly limited numbers through the Hateball store right here, Gourdon will set you back just $18 plus shipping… Look out for more colorways coming very soon!



MAN-E-NEWS// The “Mania Ball” rubber figure from turboPISTOLA…


Daniel Smith aka turboPISTOLA comes with something a little different to his current line-up of minis, introducing the “Mania Ball” rubber ball! Riffing on the current resurgence of Madball-style figures, the piece was rather uniquely sculpted with no original planning whatsoever. Daniel kindly explains a little about the project… “To rage against my own apprehension toward sculpting, I picked up a lump of clay with only the desire to make it my bitch, no plan or design other than mania in mind. Alas, the Mania Ball was born…” Coming in at an authentically scaled 3.5″ wide, the fun-looking figure has been cast up in a bouncy, glittery yellow rubber for it’s first outing, with painted resin versions (pictured below sans-paint) planned soon after. Touching down in the turboPISTOLA store today (7/21) at 9.30pm Eastern time, the Mania Balls have been priced at just $25 each plus shipping…


MAN-E-NEWS// Blurble’s Sparrow 2.0 rubber figure for the “Funds For Seth” charity auction…


Blurble has just revealed that his long awaited follow-up to Sparrow will be making it’s debut as part of the “Funds For Seth” charity auction tomorrow! A jumbo-sized, 6″ tall rendition of the original 3.5″ resin mini figure, Sparrow 2.0 has once again been digitally sculpted by iamscumbag, coming complete with 2 fully interchangeable heads, 3 points of articulation, a fully working skateboard accessory plus an extra hat for good measure. Produced by Dubose Art in an unpainted flesh tone rubber, the one-off figure will be up for grabs alongside a whole host of donated toys, paintings and prints through the dedicated Funds For Seth Instagram page starting at 9pm Pacific time this Friday, November 28th. Head on over to the feed here to check out the other pieces that’ll be on offer and be sure to take a look at the Funds For Seth site to find out a little more about the charity…

MAN-E-NEWS// The custom Madball of Death from Joe Whiteford…

One of the hottest customisers in the scene right now, Joe Whiteford has just revealed yet another masterpiece now winging it’s way to a very lucky private collector- a hand painted version of The Disarticulators‘ Madball of Death! Designed/sculpted by Zectron and produced by our very own Tru:Tek, the split-design 2″ rubber ball has been treated to Joe’s signature mix of decaying skin and bloodied, glistening flesh, coming finished with a photo-realistic, blood shot eye. Unfortunately just a privately commissioned one-off at the moment, word has it that The Disarticulators will be teaming up with the artist for a special run of figures very soon- more news on that as soon as it’s been confirmed!

MAN-E-NEWS// The Megakeshi and Mini Galaxxors from Ben Spencer x True Cast Studio…


It’s been a while since we last heard anything from the Galaxxorverse, and with good cause, as creator Ben Spencer has been busy preparing one hell of a release! First up, we have the debut of the Megakeshi Galaxxor… With the help of The Godbeast and the rest of the True Cast Studio, Ben has been able to take the highly popular 5.5″ to the next level in terms of playability, with the figure now coming cast in a flexible keshi-style rubber with 3 points of articulation and 3 interchangeable heads (including one by the mighty Matt Doughty!). Initially going on sale as a limited batch of one-off prototypes, the Megakeshi will be touching down in the Galaxxor store on Tuesday, November 19th at Noon CST, priced at $90 each… Joining the Deka-sized piece, Ben will also be unleashing a number of Mini Galaxxor’s too! Hand sculpt and cast by The Godbeast based on Ben’s design, the Kinnikuman scaled figures will be available in a number of one-off swirled and solid resins. Priced at just $17 each, expect these to touch down in-store alongside the Megakeshi next week…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Rampage Toys post-Design Fiesta 38 sale…

rampage df2

Offering up a huge selection of customs and original sofubi at Design Fiesta 38 over the weekend, Jon Malmstedt over at Rampage Toys has just revealed the leftovers that’ll be heading to the online store! Currently available to newsletter subscribers first (sign up here if you haven’t already!), any remaining pieces will be up for grabs at some point tomorrow. Here’s a little rundown of what you can expect… (Click through for more pics after the jump!)

Mini Many-me customs// Taking on Pop Soda’s awesome Many-me figure, Jon has 2 customs available to purchase, featuring either a red or green face for just $50 each.

Cupcake Guts UU//  Featuring a clear turquoise cast Ugly Unicorn, each of these ingenious figures has been fitted with a cupcake head inside! Priced at $35 each, these have been limited to just a couple of pieces.

Painted Dinos// A number of different painted sets are up for grabs, cast in a mix of yellow, clear green and black soft vinyl. Available alongside a whole host of singles, the figures have been priced at just $15 each, or $45 for the sets.

Dogosaurs// Jon has 2 of these bronto body/t-rex head mash-ups left. Painted in pink and purple striped sprays, they’ve been priced at just $15 each.

Cyclops Dino sets// All 3 dino sofubis make a return in both blank yellow and clear turquoise cast soft vinyl!  Available in super-limited numbers, the set comes in at $35.

Painted Gachapon Goblin Micros//  One painted micro UU and a few painted “Batboys” and “Slimeface” (Joseph Harmon’s characters) remain. Complete with a ton of sprays and brush work from Jon, these little dudes have been priced at $15 a piece.

Gachapon Goblin Micros// Cast in a pretty mint green soft vinyl, Jon is offering up the full set of unpainted Gachapon Goblins for just $50 all in- that’s a total of 7 figures PLUS the cupcake head!

Painted X-ray Uamous// The latest iteration of the ever popular Rampage x Uamou collab, the clear cast Uamou sofubis come painted with an acetate insert created by Jon. Priced at $40, each figure includes a painted Boo.

Madball of Death// The RAMPAGE exclusive neon green ball with pink insert returns for one final run! Priced at just $50 each, these are available in super-limited quantities.