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Rampage Toys’ latest online sale…


Rampage Toys‘ Jon Malmstedt returns with a smattering of new releases this week

Going on sale in the Rampage Toys store at around 10am Eastern time this Friday, October 20th, confirmed figures include-

  • Various mini/micro Paul Kaiju mash-ups, including the Possessed Boyz and Boss/Mockbat Racers
  • Rampage Toys colorway PK Moon Goons
  • Limited leftovers from last weekend’s Superfestival

Check out the Rampage Toys Instagram feed for more reveals throughout the week


Super7’s SDCC ’17 sofubi exclusives…

Super7 unveil a grip of sofubi exclusives they’ll have on offer at SDCC ’17 next week

Revealed releases so far include-

  • Caveman Dino, Wing Kong, Batboy “Clear Green” micro figures, coming in an unpainted clear green sofubi for $10 each
  • “Metallic Blue Mayhem” Alien Queen, coming in a black sofubi with a metallic blue rub for $65
  • Super7 x Secret Base x Steve Caballero’s “Black” Cab Dragon, coming in a black sofubi with flesh, grey, white and gold accents for $50
  • Super7 x Invisible Creature’s “Glow” Colonel Stinson, in a GID sofubi with masked silver, blue and white detailing for $65
  • “Furious Fossil” Caveman Dino, in a flesh sofubi with blue, orange, gold and brown sprays for $35

All will be available at the Super7 SDCC ’17 booth (#4945) starting preview night on Wedneday, July 19th

Super7’s Skelebration-exclusive “Red” and “Black” MOTU micros…

Super7 unveil all-new MOTU micros that’ll be making their debut at Skelebration this month

  • Size: 2″ each
  • Articulation: 1 point (neck)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $10 each
  • Featuring both He-Man and Skeletor, the pair have been sculpted in-scale to match Super7’s previously released minis at just 2″ tall each
  • Both come cast in your choice of black or red sofubi
  • Going on sale at Super7 San Diego’s Skelebration pop-up shop during SDCC ’17 (July 19th-21st)

Super7’s 5 Points exclusive “GID” micros…


Super7′s new micros return as a 5 Points exclusive this week

  • Size: 2″
  • Articulation: 1 point (neck)
  • Price: $10 each plus shipping
  • In-scale with Gargamel’s micros, Super7’s first round of tiny sofubi features 3 different characters; Bat Boy, Wing Kong and Caveman Dinosaur
  • Second release comes cast in a GID Japanese soft vinyl
  • Going on sale alongside a whole host of other exclusives at the Super7 5 Points booth starting Saturday, May 20th

Rampage Toys’ Dungeons and Dungeons sofubi board game…


Rampage Toys come with their latest online sale, this time featuring new versions of the Rampage Ultra Kaiju, assorted random goodies, plus the debut of their latest sofubi micro series-come-fantasy boardgame, Dungeons and Dungeons

A collaboration between Rampage, WHLT and Walter Parenton, the D&D starter set includes:

  • 7 Mini Japanese Sofubi Figures (Good, bad and indifferent characters included) – assorted vinyl colors (black, milky, gold and flesh)
  • Starter rules sheet (seriously, I have no clue how this thing works.  I haven’t seen the rules yet- Rampage’s JM)
  • Character stats
  • Basic ‘gameboard’/’map’ (to be expanded in future releases)
  • Header and insert art by Walter

The D&D starter set is due to go on sale alongside a whole host of other items (including the pictured SmogBalls and Unicorn Tanks) at 10am Eastern time this Friday, March 3rd

Super7’s Bat Boy, Wing Kong and Caveman Dinosaur micros…


Super7′s previously unveiled micros touch down online today

  • Size: 2″
  • Articulation: 1 point (neck)
  • Price: $10 each plus shipping
  • In-scale with Gargamel’s micros, Super7’s first round of tiny sofubi features 3 different characters; Bat Boy, Wing Kong and Caveman Dinosaur
  • First release comes cast in a mix of red and black soft vinyl
  • Currently available in the Super7 store right here

MAN-E-NEWS// The Monster Tank sofubi set from Sun Guts…


Taking a leaf out of Ilu Ilu’s book with their recent “Cyber Future Techno Loader” release, sofubi producers Sun Guts have just revealed that they will have a similar mini “Monster Tank” set ready for release at Design Fiesta 42 later this month! Consisting of 3 articulated minis – 2 tanks and a rocket launcher – the trio have been sculpted by Sun Guts’ Ichinomiya Tadayoshi, coming cast in an unpainted magenta soft vinyl for their first outing. Up for grabs at the event starting Saturday, November 21st, the “Soft Vinyl Monster Tank” set has been priced at just 500yen ($4). Here’s hoping we see a worldwide release soon!

[Info courtesy of Sofvi.Tokyo]