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Splurrt’s Cadver Ball blind bags at Toy Art Gallery…


Splurrt‘s Cadaver Balls make a long-awaited return as part of a blind bag release this week

  • Size: 3″ (main figure), 1″ (balls)
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $70 plus shipping
  • Featuring 4 interchangeable “ball” heads, plus 3 caps to transform these into balls
  • Comes cast in a blind-assortment of purple, salmon pink, yellow and red sofubi courtesy of Toy Art Gallery
  • Going on sale in the TAG store at Noon Pacific time this Friday, June 2nd

Splurrt’s 5 Points exclusive Cadaver Kids…


Splurrt’s Cadaver Kid returns in 2 classic paint apps for 5 Points

  • Size: 3.75″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Edition sizes: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • Cadaver Kid comes cast in both light blue and blue sofubi, coming with a mix of green/purple/magenta sprays with matching gold detailing
  • Going on sale at the Lulubell Toys 5 Points booth starting Saturday, May 20th

Splurrt’s 5 Points exclusive Met Death Golem…


Splurrt‘s latest large-size figure makes its Western debut at 5 Points this weekend

  • Size: 11″
  • Articulation: 6 points (neck, arms, legs, waist) plus removable club
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • Met Death Golem comes cast in a blue Japanese soft vinyl for this release, complete with black, purple and metallic green sprays courtesy of Splurrt
  • Going on sale alongside a whole slew of other exclusives at the Lulubell Toys 5 Points booth starting Saturday, May 20th

Paul Kaiju’s Moon Goon lottery…


Paul Kaiju unveils his first painted run of his epic collaboration with Splurrt and MVH

  • Size: 12″
  • Articulation: 14 points
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $350 shipped in US, international $70 extra
  • Moon Goon comes cast in a black sofubi with layers of metallic sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Going on sale via the usual 10 minute lottery right here starting 6pm Pacific on Sunday, May 14th

Splurrt’s 5 Points exclusive Masterworks Cadaver Kid…


Splurrt‘s Masterworks Cadaver Kid returns as an exclusive for 5 Points this month

  • Size: 10″
  • Articulation: 8 points (neck, arms, legs, bolts)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • The jumbo-sized Cadaver Kid has been cast by Grody Shogun in a magenta glitter-infused milky white sofubi, remaing unpainted for this release
  • Going on sale at Clutter’s 5 Points Festival booth starting Saturday, May 20th

Secretoy’s “Camo” Kronos lottery…


Splurrt‘s Kraken-inspired kaiju returns in a camo-style paint app this weekend

  • Size: 10″
  • Articulation: 7 points (neck, arms, legs)
  • Edition size: 25
  • Price: $225 plus shipping
  • Cast in a dark green sofubi, Kronos has been treated to layers of camo-style sprays in brown, tan and black courtesy of Splurrt
  • Currently on sale via e-mail lottery, anyone interested in bagging Kronos is going to need to fire over their name, address, phone number, PayPal address and Instagram name (optional) to before close on Sunday, April 16th at 11.59pm Eastern time

Rampage Toys’ Tenacious Toys exclusive Uglier Unicorn and Shaggy Little Unicorn…


Rampage teams up with local NY retailer Tenacious Toys for an exclusive run of unicorns

  • Size: 4″ (Uglier Unicorn), 2.5″ (Shaggy Little Unicorn)
  • Articulation: 1 point each
  • Edition size: Limited pre-order
  • Price: $35 (Uglier Unicorn), $10 (Shaggy Little Unicorn)
  • Both Rampage Unicorns come cast in a gold flake-infused sofubi this time around, coming with layers of blue, brown, red and silver sprays with hand painted detailing courtesy of Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt
  • Going on sale via preorder in the Tenacious Toys store tomorrow (3/27)
  • Orders due to ship mid-April