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Grizlli Atom’s post 5 Points sale…

Grizlli is set to unleash a whole host of 5 Points leftovers online this week

Confirmed releases so far include:

  • The return of Squeakshow, coming in an unpainted squishy black soft vinyl alongside a Cyborg 009-inspired one-off Jimmy Ken (pictured). Pricing TBC
  • Ooze Corpse keshi, sculpted by Griz and cast by our very own Tru:Tek in both keshi gomu flesh and slime green (pictured). Priced at $50 each
  • The Cheap Pop Shop x Grizlli Matballs, coming in teal/GID marble “Blue Thunder” and a yellow/black “Shaolin” keshi-style rubber. Priced at $50 each
  • Custom Madballs, featuring Skull Face (pictured), Slobulus and Hornhead treated to various homage colorways courtesy of Griz. Priced at $100 each
  • Leeeeee Toy’s “Ancestral ACID” Earthly, cast in various vinyl colors and treated to layers of masked sprays, hand painted detailing and bootleg Madball necklaces. Price TBC

All will be available in the Grizlli Atom store this coming Friday, June 9th


Grizzli Atom’s “Devilman” Lil’ Grizzli…

Grizzli‘s self-titled Squeakshow mascot returns in a Devilman-inspired colorway for 4/20

  • Size: 4″
  • Articulation: 1 point
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: $50 each plus shipping
  • Grizzli comes cast in a light blue-teal soft vinyl for this release, with both “Dogface” and “Vintage” versions coming complete with layers of black/pink/red sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Going on sale in the Grizlli Atom store today (4/20) at 4.20pm Eastern time

Grizlli Atom’s “Flesh” Squeakshow sofubi…

Previewed just a few days back, Grizlli Atom‘s Squeakshow sofubi will be making its debut this week! Featuring a total of 5 different figures; Lil’ Grizlli (A) and (B), Pashka and Lil’ Jimmy Ken; the vintage-style squishy toys have been produced in a super soft vinyl complete with squeaker in the base. Up for grabs in an unpainted flesh tone for their first release, look out for all 5 Squeakshow members in the Grizlli Atom store this coming Friday, May 27th at 6pm Eastern (pricing TBC)… Fingers crossed we see a painted release soon!

UPDATE// Grizlli has kindly informed us of the pricing on these guys. For the Grizlli Bears and Jimmy Ken, you’ll be looking at just $20 each, whilst Pashka and Chupacabra will set you back $30…

Grizlli Atom’s Squeakshow sofubi teased…


As if the recently revealed Matballs weren’t enough, artist Grizlli Atom has just revealed yet another line of toys he’s poised to drop soon… the Squeakshow sofubi minis! Featuring the recurring Pashka alongside 2 versions of Lil Grizlli – all 3 of which previously saw releases in resin last year – these have been joined by another 2 soon-to-be-revealed characters, Chupacabra and Lil’ Jimmy Ken. Due to come cast in a squishy sofubi and fitted with a vintage-style squeaker similar to early Oozeball releases, we’ll be dying to get our hands on these little guys when they make their debut later in the year… Keep a close eye on Griz’s Instagram feed here for more news soon!