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StickUp Monsters’ [Carrot] Dorobanii…


StickUp Monsters‘ latest sofubi receives an new painted release this week

  • Size: 5″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 2 points (neck, waist)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • Dorobanii comes cast in a mix of orange and green glow sofubi, complete with black and white sprays for this release
  • Going on sale in the StickUp Monsters store this coming Sunday, May 27th at 11am Eastern time

StickUp Monsters’ “Sweet Devils” Maneki Wananeko…


StickUp Monsters‘ sofubi Maneki Wananeko gets a special Valentine-themed release this week

  • Size: 3″
  • Articulation: 0 points (open cap)
  • Edition size: 7
  • Price: €22 plus shipping
  • Maneki Wananeko comes cast in a Japanese soft vinyl coming with pink/brown/white sprays and hand painted detailing courtesy of Javier Jimenez
  • Going on sale alongside a number of other toys in the StickUp Monsters store this coming Sunday, January 28th at 11am Eastern time

Stickup Monsters at ToyCon UK ’17…


SM‘s Javier Jimenez unveils a whole host of one-offs and painted runs for ToyCon UK

Featured items revealed so far include-

  • Baby Wananeko “Brownie” run in a light brown sofubi with dark brown sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Dorobanii “Doraemon” run in white resin with blue sprays, hand painted detailing and a cloth collar with bell
  • A quartet of one-off Max Toy Co’s Tiger Boss sofubi
  • Kurobokan Sleepwalker Offspring and Wananeko sets in white sofubi/soft vinyl complete with matching metallic blue/pink sprays and pink neck ties

(Prices TBC)

Going on sale at the Stickup/Max Toy Co ToyCon UK booth starting Saturday, April 29th

StickUp Monsters’ “Maullidos Invisibles” Baby Wananeko sofubi…


StickUp Monsters‘ Javier Jimenez comes with a very special Baby Wananeko for charity

  • Size: 3″
  • Edition size: 5
  • Price: $35 plus shipping
  • Designed by Javier Jimenez and sculpted by Cristina Ravenna, Baby Wananeko has been cast in a soft vinyl and treated to red, white and metallic orange sprays
  • All proceeds will go to Maullidos Invisibles, a cat welfare association from Granada
  • Going on sale in the StickUp Monsters store on Sunday, January 8th

StickUpMonsters’ Maneki Wananeko resin mini…

StickUpMonsters‘ flagship character returns as an all-new Maneki Neko-style resin mini

  • Size: 2.5″
  • Price: $30 plus shipping
  • Designed by Javier Jiménez, sculpted by Cristina Ravenna
  • Cast in a white resin and treated to a brown, orange, silver, blue and green paint app
  • Available in the StickUpMonsters store via preorder, ships mid-October

StickUp Monsters’ “Jibanyan” Wananeko, Baby Wananeko and Dorabanii at Collect and Display…

StickUp Monsters‘ Javier Jimenez had teamed up with UK retailer Collect and Display for a trio of releases this week! Featuring the soft vinyl Wananeko and Baby Wananeko alongside resin mini Dorabanii, all three have been cast in white and treated to a red paint app inspired by Jibanyan from the hugely popular series Yokai Watch. Limited to just 10 pieces of each, expect the adorable trifecta in the Collect and Display store this Friday, June 17th at 11am Eastern time…

Obsessed Panda’s Baby Wananeko micro-run…

image1 (2)

StickUp Monsters‘ Javier Jimenez has teamed up with Obsessed Panda‘s Michael Devera for a micro-run of Baby Wananekos! Designed by Jimenez and sculpted by Cristina Ravenna, the open-capped, finger puppet style mini has been produced in a white soft vinyl complete with metallic pink/blue sprays and hand painted detailing courtesy of Devera. Limited to an edition of just 4 pieces, these little guys will be going on sale in the Obsessed Panda store at 10am Pacific today (5/10) for just $40 each plus shipping…