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MAN-E-NEWS// The Sucklord’s long-awaited store refresh…


It’s been a while in coming, but the long delayed, long awaited Super Suck Store refresh is finally upon us! Featuring a whole host of brand-new custom bootlegs, collaborations, both versions of Gary Ham’s Super Suckset, plus a restock of Suckpax series 2 and 3, we bring you a quick rundown of what’s the Sucklord is currently offering up…


CRACKY SMURF BOOTLEG FIGURE// The latest Addition to the SUCKADELIC Bootleg Pantheon, Cracky Smurf comes with his own Crack Pipe and Hat! Standing at approx. 3″ tall, coming mounted on a 6.5″ x 8.5″ 3-colour blister card, Cracky has been limited to 50 pieces priced at $125 each.

TEH GHEY UZAY BOOTLEG FIGURE// Yet another squad of troopers fighting to defend the “Gay Agenda”, the latest addition to the Gay Empire has been cast in a hot pink resin, coming with pearlescent hand painted detailing and a hand cut vinyl cape/skirt(?!). Limited to an edition of 50, Teh Ghey has been priced at $125.

AEAE SUCKLORD .66 BOOTLEG MINI-FIGURE//  The followup to last years hit SUCKLORD .67, this OG Lego style figure is once again expertly crafted by Suckadelic’s partner in Ireland, ALL EYES AND EARS. Standing at 1.5″, the hand cast resin figure comes mounted on a 5″ x 3.5″ backer. Priced at just $50 this time around, .66 has been limited to 40 pieces.

SUCK-1 THE SUCKLORD’S SPACE SHIP SILVER/PINK Editions// Designed by Artist Tyler Ham Aka HAMFX, this Chunky Space Dick was created using 3D software and cast from a 3D Print. Coming packed in a smutty custom Porn-and-comic book decoupage box by the Sucklord, the 5.5″ long figure is available in either silver or pink colourways, priced at $175 each.