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Dream Rocket’s Sufes77 exclusive Wind God, Thunder God, Leopold and Carmie…


Debuting at Superfestival today, new versions of Dream Rocket‘s Thunder and Wind Gods, plus Leopold and Carmie, will be dropping in-store online tomorrow

  • Size: TBC
  • Articulation: 5 points (Wind/Thunder God), 3 points (Leopold), 1 point (Carmie)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 5,000yen (Wind/Thunder God each), 4,000yen (Leopold and Carmie)
  • The Wind and Thunder Gods have been cast in contrasting cream/green sofubi complete with minimal sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Leopold comes cast in a blue sofubi with orange/white sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Going on sale in the Dream Rocket store this coming Monday, April 30th at 12pm Japan time

Leo Sofvi Bouya x Marusan’s one-off Giant Gorilla lottery…


Originally unveiled at Sufes 76, Leo‘s recent collabs with Marusan are now available online

  • Size: 13″ (TBC)
  • Articulation: 5 points (neck, arms, legs) plus Mini Gorilla omake
  • Edition size: 3
  • Price: 30,000yen each plus shipping
  • Designed and produced by Marusan, the giant sofubi ape has been treated to 5 different one-off paint apps (3 available here) in Leo Sofvi Bouya’s unique style
  • Currently available via e-mail lottery, interested parties are going to need to fire their details over to, being sure to include “Giant Gorilla” in the subject header

Mr Kururi’s Sufes 76 exclusive Power Tooth, Tanu Titan and Shamera…


Mr Kururi‘s Tanu Titan and Shamera minis return alongside the all-new Power Tooth

  • Size: 1.5″ – 2.5″
  • Articulation: 0 – 1 points
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 1,000yen – 2,000yen each
  • The debut Power Tooth comes cast in a white sofubi with a red mawashi; Tanu Titan – a ghost spirit with the face of tanuki – a milky white sofubi with tan/brown sprays; and Shamera – a chimera like beast featuring killer whale, tiger and beetle parts – also in a milky white sofubi, with blue, orange, black, white, silver and gold sprays
  • Available at Superfestival 76 earlier today, we’re told there will be an online mail order soon. Keep track of Mr Kururi’s Twitter feed here for more details soon

Trash Talk Toys’ Sufes 76 exclusive “Zombie 01” and “Nemesis” Bio-Maggore one-offs…


TTT‘s Maggore makes an exclusive appearance at Superfestival 76 with the first two one-offs in an ongoing series inspired by classic survival horror series Biohazard (Resident Evil)

  • Size: 6″
  • Articulation: 7 points
  • Edition size: 2
  • Price: 26,000yen each
  • Cast in a flesh soft vinyl, both “Zombie 01” and “Nemesis – inspired by the original Biohazard game – have been treated to additional sculpting, hand threaded hair, plus layers of masked/free sprays and brushed detailing
  • Going on sale via Vintage Vinyl Club at Superfestival 76 this Sunday, January 7th

Uncut’s “Jason Son” Bom Bom Monster debut…

The latest sofubi in Uncut‘s Bom Bom Monster line is set to make its debut at Superfestival 76

  • Size: 5″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: TBC
  • Designed by Uncut’s Kotobuki Man based on Friday 13th’s Jason Vorhees, the latest Bom Bom Monster is due to debut in 3 different colorways; a classic OG paint version, plus blanks in both eraser doll flesh and black
  • Going on sale at Superfestival 76 on January 7th, online sales are set to follow soon after

Next Level Toys’ “Second Ver.” The Great Martial Artist Series – Fight Of The Century Set…


Next Level Toys‘ debut figure set returns for its second official release next month

  • Size: 3.5 inches each
  • Articulation: 3 points each (arms, legs) plus removable head mask, boxing gloves, champion belt, sunglasses, crown and vinyl cloaks
  • Price: 13,000yen
  • Designed and sculpted by Next Level Toys, Aegis (boxer) and Destroyer (wrestler) come cast in contrasting flesh/brown soft vinyl, each complete with masked/free sprays and hand painted detailing
  • Going on sale at Superfestival on Tokyo, Japan on January 7th, be sure to keep a close eye on the Next Level Toys Instagram for more details of an online release soon

Awesome Toy x BLObPUS’ Twins limited release…

Originally debuting at Superfestival 74, a limited amount of BLObPUS‘ Twins paint runs for Awesome Toy are available for overseas sales this week

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, waist, arms)
  • Edition size: 5 each
  • Price: $120 each plus shipping
  • BLObPUS has painted 2 different versions of the Twin for this release, a “Silver” coming in white vinyl with silver, neon pink, white and blue, plus “Gold”, also in white vinyl, this time with gold, tea, red, white and black
  • Interested parties are going to need to send their name, address, phone number, PayPal address and Instagram/Facebook name (optional) to, being sure to include “Blobpus TWINS SF2017” in the subject header along with your desired figure