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Tru:Tek’s post-DCon sale…

promo 2 dcon post.jpg

The remainder of Tru:Tek‘s DCon ’17 exclusives make their way into the SoftoyHobby store this weekend

Featured releases include-

  • “Ace of Knaves” Redman (RHS)- Cast in a clear pink soft vinyl, Trump has been treated to silver, metallic red, green and purple masked and free sprays. Comes packed with velvet lined cloak and Joker playing card-embedded chest. Limited to 7 priced at $200 each
  • “Ace of Knaves” Redman (RHS) keychain- A one-off Redman head fitted with keychain attachment. Priced at $65
  • “Vintage” Ballock (Triclops)- This vinyl B.A.S.T.A.R.D. comes cast in green soft vinyl with layers of flesh, dark purple and ivory sprays over a purple rub. Limited to 4 at $80 each
  • “Green Gara” Ballock (Triclops)- Again, cast in a green soft vinyl, Ballock comes with layers of metallic green, lime green, flesh and red sprays. A one-off custom, Green Gara has been priced at $90

All will be available in the SoftoyHobby store alongside a couple of surprises this Saturday, November 18th at 4pm London time


MAN-E-NEWS// The “Supervillain” S”K”UM-kun sofubi from Blackbook Toy…


Debuting at Taipei Toy Festival ’15 last weekend, the latest S”K”UM-kun colorway from punk band Suicidal Tendencies and BlackBook Toy – dubbed the “Supervillain” edition – will be up for grabs online later this week! Created as the mascot for the now defunct toy shop ZacPac back in 2011, the figure – loosely based on ST frontman Mike Muir – has been resurrected by Blackbook with a number of interesting refinements in tow, including new decal designs, plus hands that now sit behind the figure signing “SxTx”. Produced in a white soft vinyl complete with hand threaded neon green hair, the figure has been treated to a selection of purple, red, green and black sprays inspired by Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker. Touching down in strictly limited numbers on the BlackBook Toy store right here at 12pm Japan time this coming Saturday, October 17th, the “Supervillain” S”K”UM-kun will set you back just 13,500yen ($113) plus shipping…