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The “Skinned Alive” PigPigMan micro-run…


With Submission Toy‘s big release drawing closer, we’ve decided to give you guys a closer look at a few of the key releases, starting with this PigPigMan micro-run

  • Size: 6″
  • Articulation: 4 points (neck, legs)
  • Edition size: 5
  • Price: $320 plus shipping
  • Kaiju TAN‘s highly sought after figure comes cast in a flesh soft vinyl this time around, complete with layers of acrylic brushwork, bloody detailing and VColor sprays courtesy of Submission Toy’s Tru:Tek
  • Going on sale in the SoftoyHobby store alongside a whole host of other items this Friday, February 24th at 11pm London time (3pm Pacific)

The Softoy Hobby/Gory Hole store reopening…


Our very own store is reopening this weekend with a whole host of new items up for grabs

Sufes 72 exclusive Kella and web exclusive Lekka 

  • Height: 6.5″ each
  • Articulation: Neck, Arms, Head
  • Edition size: 5
  • Price: $110 each plus shipping
  • Designed/produced by Kearjun, painted by Tru:Tek
  • Sufes 72 exclusive Kella comes in a blue soft vinyl with metallic purple, pink and black sprays with white and gold detailing (only 2 left!)
  • Web exclusive Lekka comes in a blue soft vinyl with light green, blue green and purple sprays with white and gold detailing

Sufes 72 exclusive Tru:Tek x PLT Toy “Neo” Puppet one-off

  • Height: 9.5″
  • Articulation: Neck, Arms, Legs
  • Price: $200 plus shipping
  • Produced by Unbox in a flesh-tone soft vinyl with magenta/purple sprays over a neon pink rub.
  • Comes complete with fitted dolls eye and removable panda bath robe!

Sufes 72 exclusive Tru:Tek x PLT Toy Coolie High and Koukien one-off set

  • Height: 10.5″ and 2.75″
  • Articulation: Neck, Arms, Legs plus interchangeable boxing gloves (Coolie High), Waist (Koukien)
  • Price: $300 plus shipping
  • Produced by Unbox in a dark grey vinyl and treated to subtle purple/magenta/metallic green shading over a black rub.
  • Comes complete with removable chain!

Sufes 72 exclusive Tru:Tek x PLT Toy Dick Invader and Ex Boyfriend one-off set

  • Height: 10″ and 2″
  • Articulation: Neck (x2), Arms, Legs (Invader) Waist (Ex BF)
  • Price: $200 plus shipping
  • Produced by Unbox in a red soft vinyl with layers of flesh, purple, green, white and blue sprays from Tru:Tek

All items will be available alongside the rest of our back catalogue right here this coming Sunday, October 9th at 1pm London time– a little earlier than usual so more people get a chance this time!

Tru:Tek x Frank Mysterio’s blind bag Frankballs…


As if the previously posted “Nakajima” Canadian Hairless weren’t enough, we have yet another release coming from our editor-in-chief Tru:Tek this week… the TTPaint blind-bag Frankball run! Taking on both of Frank Mysterio‘s recently released Madball knock-offs (Ugly Head and Battle Toad), the 2.75″ wide figures have been cast in Mexico using a squishy white soft vinyl, each coming with layers of rubs, sprays and hand painted detailing courtesy of Tru:Tek. Limited to just 13 pieces spread across 5 different paint apps, these guys will be sold blind bag, each coming packed with a Madballs-style Gory Hole pin from Keith Caves for just $7 each plus shipping. Look out for them in the Softoy Hobby/Gory Hole store alongside an all-new “Freddy Oozer” pin from Live Rad this Friday, August 26th at 7pm London time…

Tru:Tek x Red Hot Style’s “Nakajima” Godzilla Canadian Hairless micro-run…


Our very own Tru:Tek has teamed up with Red Hot Style for yet another TTPaint release, proudly presenting the “Nakajima” Godzilla Canadian Hairless micro-run! Standing at a humungous 10″ tall and featuring 4 points of articulation, the adorable cosplaying Sphynx has been cast in a bright pink soft vinyl this time around, coming with layer upon layer of life-like sprays and hand painted detailing that pays homage to the figure’s central influence, the image of legendary Toho actor Haruo Nakajima dressed in the bottom half of his Godzilla costume. Limited to just 5 pieces priced at $280 each plus shipping, the “Nakajima” Godzilla Canadian Hairless are currently up for grabs via e-mail lottery until Midnight London time this Saturday, August 27th. Fancy your chances? Then be sure to fire over an e-mail to us at being sure to include your name, address, telephone number and PayPal address… Good luck to all who enter!

New Oozeballs, Warui Zonbis, Canadian Hairless and more in the Softoy Hobby store…


Our very own Tru:Tek is set to return this week with a whole host of goodies touching down in-store this Friday, August 5th at 9pm London time! Without further adieu, we bring you a run quick rundown of exactly what’ll be on offer…

“Neon Pearl” Oozeballs// Back by popular demand, the sought after Oozeball returns in a gorgeous neon green pearl sofubi. With a big reserve of stock, we’ll be offering singles for $50, whilst the painters out there will be able to pick up 3 for just $130.

“Pink/Purple” Warui Zonbi// Not to be outdone, we also have a new colorway for Gory Hole’s Warui Zonbis too! Cast in a stunning pink/purple sofubi, these will be offered up as part of a special value pack with a free pin for just $40 a set.

“Blind Bag” Canadian Hairless// The first of a number of collaborations with Red Hot Style, these 6″ tall soft vinyl kitties have each been treated to a different paint app ranging from “Chihuahua” to “Neon Ice Cream”. Packed blind bag-style, these will be available for $130 each.

One-Off Noxious// Another 2 of 5 Chokehazrd Noxious figures to come from Tru:Tek, these guys have been cast in white vinyl and treated to metallic/flesh sprays over detail hugging rubs. Coming complete with a protective hi-gloss finish, they’ve been priced at $150 each.

One-Off Cucumi// One of a handful of Rocky Chan‘s Cucumi to be customised by Tru:Tek, this particular version has been cast in a light green vinyl and treated to the artist’s signature earthy paint app with a mix of rubs, sprays and hand detailing. Priced at just $150…

Tru:Tek x CO.OC29’s “Killed Kane” micro-run…

Hot on the heals of the “Killed Kane” one-off silent auction just a few weeks back, our very own Tru:Tek has once again teamed up with CO.OC29 for yet another Gamarah release… presenting the “Killer Kane” micro-run! Standing at around 8″ tall and featuring 5 points of articulation, the amphibious kaiju has been cast in a green soft vinyl this time around, coming with layers of metallic green, flesh and brown sprays that resemble the coloring of the infamous Kane toad. Limited to an edition of just 4 pieces, each coming complete with matching worm omake, “Killer Kane” will be touching down in the Gory Hole/Softoy Hobby store alongside a number of other items this Friday, July 8th at 9pm London time…