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Rampage Toys’ 2017 Ugly Club…

Rampage Toys‘ Ugly Club returns for another year of exclusives and first-chance-buys

Available in the Rampage Toys store starting 10am Eastern on Friday, August 4th, 2 different membership packs will be up for grabs-

  • Pack 1, including the “OG” Onicorn, orange micro and Joseph Harmon shirt for $80
  • Pack 2, including the pink Uglier Unicorn, GID micor and Johan Ulrich shirt for $70
  • Both sets will give members the option of purchasing exclusives throughout the year (usually every other month), plus first dibs on leftovers from shows and conventions

Rampage Toys’ May the 4th Be With You release…


Rampage Toys‘ Jon Malmstedt lines up a trifecta of minis in celebration of Star Wars Day

  • Size: 2.75″ (Jawa Nibbler), 3.5″ (Bobby-P-O), 2.5″ (R2-UU)
  • Price: TBC
  • The Tarantulas’ Winter Nibbler has been treated to a similar colorway to a past resin release, coming with a brown-red cowl, black arms/face and yellow eyes inspired by the Jawas (arms are Glyos compatible)
  • A mash-up of Rampage’s bootleg ‘bot and Bobby Beast, Bobby-P-O comes with a gold red and black paint app inspired by C3PO, whilst companion R2-UU comes in white, silver and blue in homage to R2D2
  • Both Jawa Nibbler and Bobby-P-O/R2-UU set will be available in the Rampage Toys store at around 11am Eastern time today (5/4)

Rampage Toys’ Tenacious Toys exclusive Uglier Unicorn and Shaggy Little Unicorn…


Rampage teams up with local NY retailer Tenacious Toys for an exclusive run of unicorns

  • Size: 4″ (Uglier Unicorn), 2.5″ (Shaggy Little Unicorn)
  • Articulation: 1 point each
  • Edition size: Limited pre-order
  • Price: $35 (Uglier Unicorn), $10 (Shaggy Little Unicorn)
  • Both Rampage Unicorns come cast in a gold flake-infused sofubi this time around, coming with layers of blue, brown, red and silver sprays with hand painted detailing courtesy of Rampage’s Jon Malmstedt
  • Going on sale via preorder in the Tenacious Toys store tomorrow (3/27)
  • Orders due to ship mid-April


Rampage Toys x Konatsuya’s Ugly Onicorn revealed…

Rampage Toys have teamed up with Konatsuya for the release of a very special new figure, the Ugly Onicorn! Based on Rampage’s signature Ugly Unicorn character – albeit with a devilish twist – this “Oni” version has been designed by Konatsuya and sculpted by TTToy’s Makino-san. Making it’s debut in an undisclosed colorway as part of Rampage Studio’s second Konatsuya event starting Friday, July 22nd. Look out for a full painted reveal of this beautiful figure over the next few weeks!

MAN-E-NEWS// Rampage Toys at DCon ’15…


Whilst we’ve already featured several of the exclusives Rampage Toys‘ Jon Malmstedt will be bringing along to his joint DCon ’15 booth with Imps and Monsters next week, we can now finally reveal the complete (and hugely daunting) list in full! Featuring the debut of several new figures, numerous one-offs, micros and painted runs, all will be revealed by clicking through at the bottom of this post…

11917953_980683978658393_76161840_n (more…)

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Uglier Unicorn” sofubi from Splurrt x Rampage Toys…


Originally teased here in test shot form just a couple of weeks back, the first run of “Uglier Unicorn” sofubi from Splurrt and Rampage Toys has just been revealed in-full! Designed and sculpted by Splurrt based on Rampage’s first ever sofubi, the Ugly Unicorn, this new version features a similar 2-part, arms-up design, albeit with some extra hideous new features. Produced in the very same red vinyl that marked the debut of the original UU (pictured behind), the image above would suggest that the first painted run will feature green, silver and black sprays inspired by Poppy’s classic Goji colorway. Hopefully making its debut at Designer Con ’15 next Saturday, November 21st, pricing and edition size for the figure are still to be confirmed…

MAN-E-NEWS// The “Uglier Unicorn” sofubi from Splurrt x Rampage Toys…


In honour of their long standing relationship in the in the world of toys, Splurrt has been hard at work on a special “Uglier Unicorn” figure for Rampage Toys! Designed and sculpted by Splurrt based on Rampage’s first ever sofubi, the Ugly Unicorn, this new version features a similar 2-part, arms-up design, albeit with some extra hideous new features. Unveiled in test shot form at the Rampage Studios Halloween Group Show last night (above), we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the little guy debuts at Designer Con ’15 next month…