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UME Toys’ one-off “Smog Buster” SmogBall…

UME/Submission Toy‘s Rich Page is set to unleash a whole host of items in his store this week, including this one-off Ghostbusters-themed SmogBall

  • Size: 4.5″
  • Articulation: 1 point (mouth)
  • Edition size: 1
  • Price: £90 plus shipping
  • Cast in a milky white sofubi, the SmogBall has been treated to layers of neon green and yellow sprays inspired by none other than Slimer
  • Going on sale alongside various resin and vinyl one-offs in the UME Toys store at 9pm London time this Friday, June 9th

Submission Toy’s “Young Grasshopper” and “Smurf Stomper” Molochowl…


Ahead of tonight’s big drop, we shine the spotlight on one more release from the Submission Toy duo

  • Size: 10.8″
  • Articulation: 6 points (necks, arms, legs)
  • Edition size: 6 (plus Smurf Stomper one-off)
  • Price: $250 (Young Grasshopper), $275 (Smurf Stomper)
  • Designed/sculpted by Solo Is Toy and produced by Unbox in a soft vinyl
  • “Young Grasshopper” has been treated to layers of acrylic sprays and brushwork, coming complete with aged cotton wrist, ankle and head bandages
  • “Smurf Stomper” has received a similar paint app, albeit in “Smurf” blue, coming complete with a scratch built chained mace and custom vintage Smurfette from ST’s Rich Page
  • Going on sale alongside a whole host of other items in the SoftoyHobby store tonight (2/24) at 11pm London time


Submission Toy’s HUGE launch sale…


Submission Toy gear up for their first big release in the Softoy Hobby store this week

Touching down right here at 11pm London time this Friday, February 24th, a number of customs, painted runs and blanks from Submission Toy’s Tru:Tek and Rich Page will be available, including;

  • “GID” Smogball- Submission Toy’s debut sofubi in a glow vinyl. Limited to 10 priced at $65 each
  • “Hubba Bubba Oooze Bubble” Oozeball- The Oozeball returns in an unpainted strawberry gum colored sofubi, this time coming packed with Hubba Bubba sticks plus a foil-backed deluxe header card. Limited to 10 priced at $55 each
  • “Black and Blue” SofuBall set- A super-limited recast of the black Oozeball is joined by the Smogball in a deep royal blue. Limited to just 2 sets at a reduced sum of $110 each
  • “Skinned Alive” PigPigMan- Tru:Tek teams up with Kaiju TAN for the first of 2 PigPigMan releases. Limited to 5, each coming with layers of acrylic brushwork, VColor sprays and bloody detailing for $320 each
  • “Twin Destroyer” Ettin- Tru:Tek once again joins forces with Planet X, this time for a run of their latest 2-headed beast. Cast in a green soft vinyl and treated to layers of life-like sprays and hand painted detailing. Limited to 4, each coming packed with both axe and anchor accessories for $240 each
  • “Young Grasshopper” Molochowl- Submission Toy take on Solo Is Toy‘s Molochowl for their first joint paint run. Cast in a flesh soft vinyl and treated to layers of acrylic dry brushing, detailing and shading courtesy of Rich Page and Tru:Tek. Limited to 6, each complete with aged cloth wrist, leg and head bands for $250 each
  • Bukimi Ball one-offs- Bukimi Blasters‘ Bukimi Balls get the Tru:Tek treatment for this mini release. Features 3 one-off customs – Zonbi, Garamoan and Stink Eye – each coming with layers of sprays and brushed detailing for $110 a piece
  • Submission Toy one-offs- The pair have been busy on a number of one-offs, including a Skinner “Ogos”, Violence Toy “Mutant Cop”, PLT Blood Maijin and Ultra Bastard, plus a Red Hot Style “Kilin” amongst others
  • “Haunted Mansion” Argomedus and the Whisper- Submission Toy take on Scott Tolleson‘s sofubi duo, this time treating them to an acrylic paint app inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Limited to 3 sets priced at just $70 each
  • Warui Zonbi one-offs- Submission Toy’s Rich Page has got to work on 2 Warui Zonbi sets, aptly titled “Stone” and “Bone”. Limited to just 1 of each, these will be available for just $40 each

*Click on the thumbnails below for hi-res shots of all toys on offer

UME Toys’ one-off “Diablo” Molochowl…


UME Toys‘ Rich Page takes on Solo Is Toy’s 2-headed giant for a rather devilish one-off

  • Size: 10.8″
  • Articulation: 6 points (necks, arms, legs)
  • Price: £225 plus shipping
  • Designed/sculpted by Solo Is Toy and produced by Unbox in a soft vinyl, Molochowl has been treated to layers of acrylic sprays and brushwork, coming complete with aged bandages and an originally sculpted spear courtesy of Page
  • Going on sale alongside UME’s latest resin figure – the Lunar Squid – at 9pm London time tonight (17/2) in the UME store

Submission Toy’s one-off Smog Ball release…


UME Toys‘ Richard Page – sculptor of the Sumoggubōru and one-half of the newly formed Submission Toy – unleashes a trio of customs based on the new sofubi ball

  • Size: 4″
  • Articulation: 1 point (mouth)
  • Edition size: 3
  • Price: £89 plus shipping
  • Produced in a Japanese soft vinyl, the Kougai-inspired balls have been treated to unique paint apps using a mix of acrylic brushwork and sprays in Page’s signature style
  • Going on sale via the UME Toys store this coming Wednesday, December 14th at 9pm London time
  • Keep track of the new Submission Toy Instagram feed for detailed pics over the next few days and be sure to look out for more news on Tru:Tek and Page’s new brand soon!

The debut of Sumoggubōru…


Our very own Tru:Tek‘s latest sofubi is set to make its debut at Designer Con ’16 this weekend

  • Size: 4″ wide
  • Articulation: 1 point (mouth)
  • Edition size: 5 (Gara-colorway), 10 (Flesh)
  • Price: $110, $65
  • A follow up to the hugely popular Oozeball, Sumoggubōru (roughly translated as Smog Ball) has been heavily inspired by smog monster kaiju – Bemon’s classic Kougai in particular – featuring a unique 360° rotatable mouth, 6 eyes which convey a wealth of expressions, as well as innumerable hidden details including power stations, waste pipes and even a micro Ooze-It for good measure!
  • Designed, painted and produced by Tru:Tek, sculpted by UME Toys
  • Debut version painted in a mix of flesh, teal, red, silver and metalluic blue sprays over a blue/grey vinyl
  • Going on sale at the Tru:Tek/Rampage Toys Designer Con ’16 booth (#933) this Saturday, November 19th

Softoy Hobby at Designer Con 2016…


We exclusively reveal the cart load of exclusive one-offs and painted runs we’ll have up for grabs at the Rampage Toys x Tru:Tek DCon ’16 booth (#933) next weekend

Figures revealed so far include:

  • One-off Cadaver Kid, Mecha Brain Cadaver Kid, Zug the Troll, Hell Maijin and Noxious hand painted by Tru:Tek/UME Toys
  • “Pearl Rose”, “Ghost”, “Copper”, “Moonwalker” and “Terminator” Oozeball micro-runs from Tru:Tek/UME Toys
  • Science Patrol x Tru:Tek Namazus
  • DRWG x Atonement x Tru:Tek M.A.Y.O.R and Karakasa keshi
  • Grizlli Atom x Cheap Pop Shop x Tru:Tek “Magenta/Green” Matballs
  • STKL x Tru:Tek “Cyber Joe” Uneasy Joes
  • Toysbian x Tru:Tek “Mecha” Duwas
  • “Full Paint” Warui Zonbi sets from UME Toys
  • Splurrt x Tru:Tek “Rotten” Cadavaver Twins
  • Keep a close eye on the Tru:Tek Instagram feed here for more details and be sure to stay tuned for details of the post-con sale next week!