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Goro x Awesome Toy’s Mulan paint run…


Awesome Toy team up with Goro for a Mulan paint run courtesy of Yoda Masahico this week

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 3 points (waist, arms) plus removable rocket chest
  • Edition size: TBC
  • Price: 54,000yen plus shipping
  • Comes cast in what appears to be a red soft vinyl with masked white, gold, purple, yellow, orange, brown and flesh sprays with hand painted detailing
  • Currently available via lottery, interested parties are going to need to DM their name, address, phone number and Instagram name to Yoda before 9pm Japan time today (5/14)

Longneck x Awesome Toy’s Yoda-Q overseas release…


Longneck‘s Yoda-san is proud to unveil a limited batch of his new collaboration with Awesome Toy for overseas customers today

Size: 8″ (TBC)

Articulation: 3 points (waist, arms)

Edition size: TBC

Price: 30,000yen plus shipping

Collaboratively designed and produced by Longneck and Awesome Toy, Yoda-Q comes cast in a white soft vinyl for this first release, coming complete with pink/black sprays and either brown or blue fitted hair

Available via Instagram lottery for the next 10 hours at the time of writing, interested parties are going to need to DM Yoda here with their address, postal code, name, age, phone number and choice of hair color

The Machine Soft Vinyl Series’ “Zollbots” from Longneck…

As if the reveal of Mecha Gorilla last week wasn’t enough, Yoda Masahico of Cosmo Knight Alpha/Longneck has just unveiled yet another figure in his new Machine Soft Vinyl Series, the awesome Zollbots! Featuring the same vintage ‘bot inspired body, the towering 12″ tall figure comes with an all-new head that resembles a mechanised version of Zollmen’s “Robin” Fancy Toy and “Garuban” Ape combined- although we’re not too sure if that was the intention! Painted up in an eye catching mix of metallic blue and red sprays over orangey-yellow vinyl, the first edition of Zollbots is currently up for grabs to Japanese customers through Yoda’s Instagram feed right here. Hopefully we’ll see an international release sometime soon!

Longneck’s Megagorilla sofubi…


It’s been a few years since the debut of his last 100% new figure “Yusei Maijin”, so it came with great pleasure today to find that Yoda Masahico of Cosmo Knight Alpha/Longneck has been hard at work on yet another bonafide sofubi classic… the jaw-dropping Megagorilla! Based on the (as-yet-unverified) vintage mecha gorilla mini pictured above, the towering beast stands at an impressive 12″ tall, coming complete with 5 points of articulation. Currently available to Japanese customers via Instagram in an authentic “OG” paint app of blue, silver and brown over red vinyl, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for an overseas Megagorilla release over the next couple of months…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Cosmo Knight Alpha/Longneck “Oozeball” micro-run teased…


Originally mentioned in our announcement of the “Clash of the Titans” show at Rampage Studios this week, we can now bring you the first teaser of the Oozeball micro-run from Cosmo Knight Alpha/Longneck! Whilst most details remain close-guarded until later this week, we can reveal that CKA’s Yoda-san has painted up 10 of the Disarticulators‘ Ooze-It/Madball homage for the release, coming in a mix of red, blue and metallic green sprays inspired by his original “Planetary Delusion” Yusei Majin colorway. Going on sale at the event this Friday, June 26th, expect a full reveal over the next couple of days…

MAN-E-NEWS// “Mad Tyranno” Rotten Rexx micro run from Cosmoknight Alpha x Lulubell…


Lulubell Toys have teamed up with Cosmoknight Alpha for the first ever painted micro run of James Groman’s Rotten Rexx! Produced by Lulubell in a pink soft vinyl, the gargantuan 35cm tall figure has been treated to a beautiful mix of Hawaii inspired neon and metallic sprays courtesy of Yoda Masahico (Longneck). Priced at just 18,900yen plus shipping (with a mystery bonus included!), the beast is currently available to Japanese customers only by e-mailing Cosmoknight Alpha directly at For those in the West, it looks like forwarding service M-World is going to be your only chance of bagging this awesome piece- hit them up at with any enquiries!