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Guumon x Kearjun’s “Zombi Rubs” Fuckin’ Rock lottery…


Kearjun has teamed up with Guumon for the debut of his latest figure Fuckin’ Rock, proudly presenting the “Zombi Rubs” micro-run! Inspired by a number of contemporary neo kaiju staples including Nag Nag Nag’s Boryoku Genjin, the rock-like kaiju stands at around 7″ tall, featuring articulation in the head and legs as well as some familiar double jointing in the arms. Limited to just 3 figures cast in what appears to be a white soft vinyl, each has been treated to a number of unique sprays over detail hugging black rubs, each coming complete with a set of creepy red inset eyes. Currently up for grabs via Instagram lottery for $210 shipped in the US ($225 worldwide), interested parties are going to need to DM Guumon (@guumon) before close on Wednesday, July 6th… As always, good luck to all of you who enter!