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Zukaty’s “Deep Space” and “Neon Z” Phantom Bats…

Awesome Toy call upon the talents of Zukaty for their latest Phantom Bat release

  • Size: 11″
  • Articulation: 5 points (arms, legs, neck) plus removable cape/collar
  • Edition size: 2 (Deep Space), 4 (Neon Z)
  • Price: $225 (Deep Space), $180 (Neon Z)
  • Phantom Bat been cast in a soft vinyl and treated to Zukaty’s 2 signature paint apps; Deep Space coming in black with galaxy-style stencil and free sprays; and Neon Z, coming in a plethora of neon/pastel UV reactive sprays
  • Available via e-mail lottery until 23.59pm London time tomorrow (5/7), interested parties are going to need to send their name, shipping address, phone number and Instagram name to zukaty.toyz@gmail.com

Zukaty x Rocky’s Neon Z “Black Beak” and “Pink Beak” Cucumi…

Cocumi 01.jpg

Zukaty takes on Rocky‘s popular kappa for his latest round of lottery sales

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
  • Price: $195 each plus shipping
  • Cast in a soft vinyl, Neon Z “Black Beak” and “Pink Beak” Cucumi have been treated to layers of sprays and hand painted detailing in Zukaty’s signature mix of neons and pastels
  • Both available via lottery until Midnight London time tonight (4/1), interested parties are going to need to send their name, Instagram/Facebook name, shipping address, phone number and PayPal account to zukaty.toyz@gmail.com, being sure to include  either “Neon Z Pink Beak Cocumi” or “Neon Z Black Beak Cocumi” in the subject header

Zukaty x Kuidaore Toy’s custom Tsukimono Tatary drop…


UK-based artist Zukaty takes on Kuidaore‘s adorable ghost sofubi for a micro release tonight

  • Size: 5″
  • Articulation: 1 point (hat)
  • Edition size: 2 each (Neon Z/Orko Z)
  • Price: $60 each plus shipping
  • Two very different colorways from Zukaty are up for grabs; Neon Z, featuring the artist’s signature stencilled sprays and Orko Z, featuring red/black/blue sprays inspired by the classic MOTU character
  • Currently available to purchase in Zukaty’s store right here


Zukaty x Awesome Toy’s “Bubble Z” and “Silver Chaos” Jinmenken lottery…

Awesome Toy‘s Jinmenken sofubi returns this week with a micro-run and one-off from UK artist Zukaty

  • Size: 9″
  • Articulation: One point (neck)
  • Price: Bubble Z $130, Silver Chaos $145 plus shipping
  • Edition size: Bubble Z 3, Silver Chaos 1
  • Cast in a yellow soft vinyl, “Bubble Z” has been treated to multi-colored stencil sprays with black and silver brushed detailing, whilst “Silver Chaos” has been adorned with similar ballon stencils with red and grey sprays over a silver base
  • Both are currently available via e-mail lottery, head over to the Awesome Toy Instagram feed here for details on how to enter

MAN-E-NEWS// The Heavy Metal Qee closing party (and custom sale at Fugi.me)…

Following our visit to the HMQ (Heavy Metal Qee) custom show earlier in the week (here), we couldn’t resist popping down again on Thursday night to catch up with a few of the show’s featured artists. Whilst we weren’t able to stay for long, one man we did manage to speak to was custom legend, Jon Paul Kaiser. Letting slip that he’s currently planning a full time leap into toys soon, we can only imagine what this is going to mean for his already steady output of production and custom pieces- world domination?!! His entry, “Untitled”, was inspired by Nottingham based sludgecore metal group Iron Monkey, featuring the same engaging mix of hand drawn detailing and meticulous brush work that we’ve come to expect from JPK’s unique b/w style- a truly stand out piece that stayed true to the Qee design…

[Jon Paul Kaiser & Myself]

One of our favourite “how did they do that?!” pieces from the show (believe me, there was a few!) was Mark Treharne‘s “Brainstorm”, so it came with great pleasure to get a chance to speak with the man himself about the custom’s creation. Funnily enough, the intricate grey dome head piece was originally a rubber dog toy before Mark added LED lit tubes, a Toyer incrusted pod and VR visor! Mounted on a smooth grey platform with a sparkling blue inlay, Mark’s minimal choice of colours really help to bring the custom’s production qualities to the forefront. A Design Technology teacher by day, Mark mentioned that he is also currently working on a custom toy after-school club for his pupils (boy, I wish he had been at my school!).

[Mark Treharne and his “Brainstorm” custom, middle, 2nd shelf]

Creator of the beautifully sculpted “Acetone to the Bone” (the red, 3 eyed satanic dog creature!), P J Constable was the youngest entrant to the HMQ show at only 15. Anyone interested in seeing more of his work will be interested to know that he will be exhibiting a piece at the upcoming Flatties “Dragon” show on Saturday, August 18th at 6pm at The Sho Gallery in Cardiff. Check his site here for more details…

[15 year old toy customiser P J Constable]

Head over to our earlier post for a more comprehensive selection of HMQ photos…

HMQ customs now available at Fugi.me…

[Lunartik’s “Waves” Knucklebear custom]

Whilst the show sadly closed on Thursday night, anyone interested in grabbing their favourite piece will be glad to know that the 30 heavy metal infused customs are available from the Fugi.me store now. With prices starting at £30 for Fordybo’s “Mortimer”, and going all the way up to £1,400 for Lunartik‘s monumental “Waves” Knucklebear custom (pictured above), there’s a piece suitable for all budgets. Anyone interested should head over to the store quick, as many of the customs are finding new homes already…

MAN-E-NEWS// The Heavy Metal Qee Custom Show revealed…

On passing through Covent Garden yesterday we couldn’t resist taking a quick diversion to Forbidden Planet to check out the newly opened HMQ (Heavy Metal Qee) Custom Show, and boy are we glad that we did! With a staggering 30 of the UK’s finest artists on board, each and every custom proved to be a winner; from Lunartik’s Hokusai inspired ‘Waves’ Knuckle Bear, to Robotic Industries’ meticulously recreated ‘Marshall’ amp, each interpretation took the heavy metal theme to a new and imaginative place. With the show running for another 2 days, be sure to head down for the close on Thursday (April 19th) at 6pm, where 22 of the featured artists will be on hand to talk toys, and more importantly, sign HMQ show books (read more here)!

Participating artists include: Jon-Paul Kaiser, Matt JOnes, Jim Freckingham, Fark FK, DMS, A Little Stranger, Lisa Rae Hansen, Michael Harrism, Zro, RunDMB, Chris Morris, Fadeworks, Sneaky Raccoon, Lunabee, Penny Taylor, Adam Lister, Hoakser, Alto, Mimic, Zukaty, Fordybo, Amigurumi Island, Tesselate, Jack Wade, Flatties, Mark Treharne, Rhys Inkbotz Brown, PJ Constable, Planet Domu, and Lex Luthor.

Check out all of the featured designs pictured below (advance apologies for the amateur photography!)…

MAN-E-FEATURE// The custom round-up…

Whilst we endeavour to cover all of the latest production and self-made projects the art toy movement has to offer, one of the most important aspects of the scene is often neglected- custom toys. In our new weekly feature, we’ll be rounding up the best custom pieces the scene has to offer, including further links to featured artist’s work, availability, and pricing…

To kick our second week off, we be delving into the latest work from Jon Paul Kaiser, Carson Catlin, J*RYU and Zukaty to name but a few… Hope you enjoy!

Dragon Boy custom from J*RYU

As Dragatomi‘s ‘Year of the Dragon’ show looms ever closer (opening February 11th), we’re finally starting to get a look at some of the pieces that will feature, with J*RYU‘s entry, the Dragon Boy (WIP) our favourite yet. Based on the iconic Sam Flores x The Loyal Subject figure, J*RYU has re-sculpted the beautifully detailed head dress, finishing the custom with a bronze metal style colour scheme. Full reveal coming soon…

Riker’s Island Death Row Inmates from JC Rivera

The latest 3″ custom Dunny series from JC Rivera dropped this week in the form of the ‘Riker’s Island Death Row Inmates’. Limited to an edition of just 5, the hand sculpted and painted thugs are available to purchase at Tenacious Toys, priced between $40 and $75 (plus shipping) depending on the level of modification.

Inmates backstory-

“… and so, as punishment for your heinous crimes, I hereby sentence each of you to death by lethal injection. You are remanded to Death Row on Riker’s Island to await your executions. Court adjourned.”

With the pounding of Judge Gerety’s gavel against his desk, the fates of the five criminals were sealed. The prosecuting attorney and the D.A. shook hands as the Inmates were led away in shackles through a door in the front of the courtroom. Reporters screamed a cacophony of questions and flashbulbs went off like strobe lights as the Inmates stepped into the beat-up, white DOC van. The short ride over the bridge to Riker’s Island would be the longest ride of their lives. It was over.

Custom NADE from JESTER

Created for Aerosol Warfare’s upcoming ‘Blow Up L.A!’ show, custom artist JESTER unveiled his latest custom NADE this week. Featuring an authentically weathered metal look, the deceptively ornate piece will be sitting alongside over 30 other custom 10″ NADE and BUD toys come the show’s opening on February 9th (Crewest Gallery).

Seven Six custom Munny from Carson Catlin

Swiftly following J*RYU this week, cut-out custom king Carson Catlin revealed yet another stunning entry for Dragatomi‘s upcoming ‘Year of the Dragon’ show, the 7″ Munny- ‘Seven Six’ (his birth year, and also a year of the Dragon). Featuring thousands of painstakingly applied bristles, the black and red dragon has got to be one of Carson’s best customs yet- here’s hoping we see more of this style in 2012!

The Buddha Munny and Daimyo from Jon Paul Kaiser

With the passing of another week comes even more hot customs from JPK, this time in the form of the ‘Buddha’ Munny and ‘Daimyo’ Android customs. Straying from the usual dark subject matter, Buddha’s smiling face and squinting eyes are a welcome change for Jon, proving that his unique b/w style can be applied to just about anything. The 3″ Daimyo on the other hand, is trademark JPK- the fully decked out samurai features some of the most insane detailing we’ve seen yet. No new as to wether these were privately commissioned, but we’ll let you know if these guys are ever made available…

The latest batch of customs from Zukaty

UK based artist Zukaty has been busy prepping his latest batch of customs for release this Saturday, February 4th. The fantastic collection is set to feature 3 8″ Dunny’s, a 7″ Munny, a 5″ MAD*L, and a Jubbs (expect prices between $40 and $160), all lovingly sprayed and brushed in Zukaty’s big, bold and brash style. In preparation for the big launch this weekend, 6 Fatcaps have been released on the store early, priced at $40 each plus shipping.

Mummy Mania! Customs from the Crypt at Super7

Held last weekend, Super7’s Mummy Mania! show featured over 40 Mummy Boy customs from some of the neo-kaiju scene’s biggest talents, including Mummy Boy sculptor Brian Flynn, Leecifer, Blurble, Paul Kaiju and Nebulon 5. All of the customs are now available to purchase through the Super7 store, with prices ranging between $55-$600. Our personal favourite is Rik Sans‘ neon-hued effort (pictured below left), the colours are quite simply out of this world- I have to say I’ve fallen in love with the pink to purple spray, but it’s that tight green detailing that really helps to make this Mummy pop. Where’s a spare $250 when you need it?!